Madelec operates in the commercial, VIP and military aircraft and helicopter markets.
This includes OEM, spare parts, operator upgrades and engineering for change (STC).


Madelec Aero has comprehensive facilities for the design, development, manufacture and support of specialty products for use in the aerospace industry.
These products fall into 5 categories:

  1. Equipment for the cockpit.
  2. LED lighted visual ice indicators.
  3. Human / machine interface.
  4. Emergency lighting systems.
  5. Cabin lighting systems.
In the listings below, catalog numbers are shown in parentheses.
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Equipment for the cockpit

  • LED Dome lights (TDS 630 Is5).
  • LED Flood lights (TDS 642M1 Is1).
  • LED Pilot reading lights (NVG).
  • Timers.
  • Autobrake Switch Selector (TDS 340 001).
  • Pitch Trim Control Switches.
  • Pilot eye reference.

LED lighted visual ice indicators

  • Water drop Model (TDS tg 741 issue 2).
  • LED Ceiling & dome lights (TDS tg 741 issue 2).
  • Tube Model (TDS tg 741 issue 2).
  • NVIS.
  • Detector (TDS tg 741 issue 2).

Human / machine interface

  • Autobrake Selector Switch (TDS 340 001).
  • Lighted Chart-holder (TDS 20-62EH).
  • Timers.

Emergency lighting systems

  • Exit Signs & Markers (TDS 566 SIGN).
  • Ceiling Lights (DS-730-M8-xxx issue 3).
  • Photoluminescent Floor Path Marking “Powered and unpowered”

Cabin lighting systems

  • LED Passenger Reading Light (TDS-611-001).
  • LED Ceiling & dome lights (TDS 110-LLxS).
  • Desk lights (TDS 660-001-001).
  • Exit Signs & Marker (TDS 566 SIGN).
  • Powered & self-illuminated Floor Escape Path Marking
  • LED Passenger Informations Signs (TDS-729-is2, P/N 720EH).
  • Custom Lighting – “LED Tube” White light and coloured “mood” lighting (TDS-785-XYZ, TDS-786-XYZ, TDS-788-XYZ).
  • Dome Lights up to 2 meter dia. LED flat panels, white and white plus
  • colour option. Galley LED lighting, entryway LED lighting
  • Lavatory LED lighting (788-A2C-PQNK-001).


LED tube

Cabin lighting

Ice indicator