To constantly strive to meet our customer’s exact requirements.


- Madelec Aero has a dedicated organization focused on strategic activities.
- Madelec assumes total project management, design, development, sample approval, Qualification, final assembly, testing, quality management, all supporting documentation and drawings.
- Component manufacture and treatments are sub contracted to specialized and controlled sub-­‐ contractors.


New for 2022, Madelec Aero launches the worlds first LED lighted lamp shade. LUNA is a range of custom made LED lamp shades

Any colour, Internal lighted area or external. Fit on to existing lamp holder or from custom made fitting. Also with fabric covering.

Round, Conicle, Square or Rectangle.

Main advantages include, No reflection, +50K hours MTBF. Energy and power savings.



Also very competative, LED passenger reading lights, BA8 BA9 28v AC/DC plug n play.



Madelec Aero  exhibiting at the Aircraft Interiors Middle East Expo in Dubai  2019 – Stand 606

New products on show : 28v LED tube and flat panels

Madelec Aero will be exhibiting again at the Aircraft Interiors Expo Hamburg 31st March to 2nd April 2020 – Stand 6A69



New product development, to compliment the T800 Bi colour LED tube Madelec has developed and qualified (DO160G) our T800 three colour LED tube, giving the possibility to have four colours in one tube. Controlled from existing aircraft interface, and true plug n play!

Also installed during 2017, Boeing 767 and 777 Bi colour LED lavatory lights, First, Business and economy. MD90 lavatory lights.

Madelec wins 91 Boeing 717 Aircraft shipsets, cabin, entryway, lavatory and galley lights to be installed first quarter 2018.


Madelec Aero has comprehensive facilities for the design, development, manufacture and support of specialty products for use in the aerospace industry. These products fall into 5 categories:

1. Emergency lighting systems.
2. Cockpit & Cabin LED Lighting Systems.
3. Visual Ice indication & detection.
4. Passengers & services instruction signs.
5. HMI Human/Machine Interface.

Madelec is involved in the Commercial, VIP and Military aircraft and helicopter markets comprising OEM, spares, operators retrofit and engineering for modification (STC).

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New Product Development

Our engineers have a wide range of expertise inc LED, electronics, mechanical and thermal management, materials engineering and project management. Creation and supply of Extensive support documentation.

Our product range includes a comprehensive range of:
Reading Lights, emergency path marking systems, Cockpit lighting, civil and military, NVG compatible, Chart Holders, Passenger EXIT and warning signs, Lighted Icing Indicators, LED replacement Tubes, Coloured Mood Lighting.

Madelec Aero T800 LED Tube Lights

True Plug N Play system.
Fit direct to existing aircraft 115 VAC 400hz
Patented,Intergrated Ultra Clean Linear Power Supply
Brightness up to 180 lux at 1 m
Dimming function from 0 to 100%
T8 and T5
Lengths from 50mm to 2400mm
Overall Reduced weight .
Reduced power consumption.
Reduced maintenance costs.
Fits in to existing aircraft housing. (Or possiblility to link via connector).
Modular construction, Aluminium heatsink.
Lens, clear or diffused.
Qualified to Do 160G-ABD100

OLED cabin display sign

In aircrafts or helicopters, the new trend to inform passengers is materialized by the CABIN DISPLAY SIGNS designed by Madelec Aero. This new concept, offering a modern and updated product, is intended to display information or instructions to passengers and crew throughout with an OLED screen. This is a new way to draw their attention.
The CABIN DISPLAY SIGNS has been designed to replace many traditional information panel signs by a single equipment able to provide signs on requests and to display them on relevant screen.
The OLED display module (screen + printed circuit board) is fully integrated into a mechanical housing. The front face finish, as usual, may be adapted to customer requirements with different painting colors, treatments or VIP finishes.
The OLED screen insures a better visibility of information compared to older lighted labels or placards (better clarity enabling readability from large distances).
The possibility to display successive information on the same area/screen.
one single equipment may be used for different applications/locations and information (I.e different languages, advertising, Airline logo, passenger name !).
a single equipment may be used with many signs possible and displayed on request.
easily programmed to display pre-loaded pictures of signs on crew order or according to sequential mode (i.e dynamic scrolling effect). App under development to be able to walk down the cabin aisle so to program info direct via Tablet or other divice.
Only one reference (PNR) for multiple signs loaded.

LED coloured tube lights

12v, 28v and 115v 400hz
Continuous advances in LED technology have resulted in high brightness LEDs being readily available. It is possible to utilise the latest high brightness LEDs to provide washes of coloured light whenever the main cabin lights are in Dim or Low settings.
Using 2015 LEDs, colour matching is maintained to within very small levels of deviation.
Available in Single colour or multicoloured configurations.
Madelec Aero LED Tubelights are designed to be directly powered from the aircraft 115v 400hz DC supply.

Intergrated ballast PSU and controller interface.
Therefore possible to remove existing ballast from Aircraft.
Patented system. Ultra Clean Linear power supply.
T5 and T8 sizes.
With one row of white LEDs and one row of a colour within the same tube.
Gives the possibility to fade from white to colour using existing dimmer system, CIDS or OEU interface.
Therefore creating a more affordable and less complicated option to a full mood lighting system.

NEW LED Flat Panels.

A range of LED flat panels in white or white and colour options, to compliment existing T800 LED tubes.
Excellent light output and homogeneity.
Galley way and entryway lighting

LED Technology.

The LED is a solid state electronic device, there are no fragile filaments or gas discharge processes to fail.
Madelec’s In-house expertise in the fields of drive electronics, thermal management and light capture has resulted in LED based products achieving 50,000 hours of service life before degrading to 70% initial light output.
This compares to 15,000 hours for standard fluorescent lamps and 3,000 hours for halogen lamps.
The high reliability and long life properties attained result in lighting systems with significantly reduced whole life cost.
High system efficiency levels results in typically 40% power savings compared to fluorescent and 80% savings compared to halogen, more if the lamps are used in air conditioned environments.


Company status

Founding date: April 1994.
Application field: 100% aerospace.
Company Type: SAS
Legal representative: Geoff Livingstone, President Director General.
Share capital: € 360.000.
Owners: Madelec UK

Facility & tools

Plant (Rambouillet, France)1000 m2 leasehold.
Main tools -­ Climatic chamber, 2 dedicated dark rooms, Clean room, Data Logger, Photometer, Micrometer, Chrona meter.
Dedicated Fixed lighting test benchs.
Main specialized software CAD software: 3D Solidworks.
CAD software: 2D Autocad Light 2000.
CAD software for light simulation SPEOS (OPTIS).

Main references

AIR FRANCE and all other Major Airlines.
Delta Airlines, Singapore Airlines Technologies Aerospace Ltd

Official approval / qualifications

Madelec Aero is certified:

AFNOR Certification
EN/AS/JISQ 9100 : 2018 N°2006/26930
ISO 9001 : 2015, N° 2006/26929

PART 21 sub part G (production), N° FR.21G.0078.
Part 145 N° FR.145.0613.

EASA (Demonstration of Capability for Design)
N° AP077



PROPONENT (Worldwide)
SATAIR (worldwide)
WENCOR (Worldwide)
For further details please contact MADELEC AERO direct.

Why Madelec Aero?

- Very competitive compared to larger players
- More flexible
- Minimises risk
- Shortened leadtimes
- Highly Flexible manufacturing resource.
- Flexible procurement locally and from low cost countries.
- Highly trained and skilled work force
- Continuous Improvement ethos

- 100% end of line testing
- Serving Aerospace market.
- 18 years of service and experience
- Aerospace specific quality accreditations
- Direct accounts with OEM and tier one customers including Airbus, Boeing, Goodrich, Bombardier...
- Detailed knowledge of markets
- World respected principals



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